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Called the Tree of 40 Fruit, this tree produces an array of stone fruit varieties including plums, peaches, apricots, nectarines, cherries and almonds, every year. Sixteen of these trees are now growing in the US.

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Sowing Seeds in the Desert, a summation of those years of travel and research, is Fukuoka’s last major work-and perhaps his most important. Fukuoka spent years working with people and organizations in Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States, to prove that you could, indeed, grow food and regenerate forests with very little irrigation in the most desolate of places. Only by greening the desert, he said, would the world ever achieve true food security.”

Available here: Sowing Seeds in the Desert: Natural Farming, Global Restoration, and Ultimate Food Security

The Secret Of El Dorado - TERRA PRETA

A documentary by the BBC on the discovery of the lost amazonian civilization of El Dorado and the secrets of their super fertile, charcoal ( biochar ) laden soil, known as Terra Preta and how it could transform our soils today.

An awesome short documentary on a village in India using permaculture type techniques such as swales and other water harvesting methods to restore the water table and bring the land to abundance in a desert environment.:

The Miracle Water Village

As the world reels under the threat of unrelenting climate change, erratic monsoons and fast depleting groundwater reserves, The Miracle Water Village narrates the inspirational story of impoverished farming community in India that reversed its fortunes through its visionary model of water management. 

Lying in one of the worst drought-prone regions of India, the village of Hiware Bazar battled many decades of sparse rain and failed crops. However, 20 years ago, the entire village came together to script a silent revolution by designing a rainwater-harvesting model that saved every drop of the scanty rain they received. Today, the village is literally an oasis in the middle of the desert, boasting of bumper harvests, dairy co-operatives, millionaire families and visionary farmers. 

Hiware Bazar still receives the scanty amount of rainfall it used to in the heart of its most trying years, but what has changed is the way it has managed its water and created a miracle with this most precious liquid resource!”

The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.

The Fruit Hunters - Documentary - Official Trailer

Adventurers, exotic fruits fanatics and even movie star Bill Pullman, are the subjects of The Fruit Hunters, the new film from acclaimed director Yung Chang. A thrilling journey through nature, commerce and adventure, The Fruit Hunters is a cinematic odyssey that takes viewers from the dawn of humanity to the cutting of edge of modern agriculture - a film that will change not just the way we look at we eat, but what it means to be human. 

Watch it here: The Fruit Hunters

Garbage Warrior

Garbage Warrior is a documentary film telling the epic story of maverick US architect Michael Reynolds and his fight to introduce radically sustainable, Earthship, housing. 

Imagine a home that heats itself, that provides its own water, hat grows its own food. Imagine that it needs no expensive technology, that it recycles its own waste, that it has its own power source. And now imagine that it can be built anywhere, by anyone, out of the things society throws away.